Jonathan “Goose” Burgard


Jonathan “Goose” Burgard



Jonathan “Coach Goose” Burgard is Founder and Co-Owner of True Glory CrossFit and Co-Owner of ASDC CrossFit in Flemington, NJ. He is one tall drink of water, standing at 6’7″ and weighing in a 230 lbs. Although one might look at his outer image as massive, Jonathan humbles himself daily with a soft heart and an intense passion for humanity.  The gift of being able to better a person’s life, children and adults alike.

Jonathan is a man of God. Which means that he gives his whole heart to Him. Jonathan’s mission since high school was to understand God’s purpose for his life and develop and cultivate his craft as he pursued his calling. This is where Jonathan’s story gets real interesting.

Jonathan has always been a performer and since he can remember he has had a desire to make humanity feel good. Whether by performance or service or just listening, Jonathan always knew that God had a specific task. For 12 years, Jonathan traveled and toured the USA as a professional actor, singer, dancer. Having done more than 30 different productions in theme parks, regional theaters, national tours, ballets, and on cruise ships, Jonathan has met, learned from, and worked with a plethora of different people. He has lived in 36 states and has been to 41 of them.

His career in fitness began in high school during the summer going into his senior year. Adding 20 lbs. to his physique Jonathan took his love for fitness to the next level. He became deeply involved and began pursuing all wisdom he could get his hands on. A year later, Jonathan received his personal training certification through Interactive Fitness Trainers of America where he became a Pro Trainer at Gold’s Gym NYC. After a year with Gold’s, Jonathan went back to performing and began traveling to different cities for another three years. His passion never ceased, it only got bigger.

One day, after waiting for call from his agents for a major broadway show, Jonathan got an offer from Slim Goodbody Corporation to take over the national tour and play the Superhero of Health, Slim Goodbody, from PBS and Nickelodeon back in the 80’s. Shortly after, the creative team of the broadway show decided to go into a different direction, and Jonathan took the role of Slim with Open Arms. Lets just say, God had it all under control. Soon after accepting the role of Slim, Jonathan and his wife moved away from NYC and left the broadway adventure. Now, for 6 years, Jonathan has committed his life to educating and entertaining children Pre-K through 8th grade, performing live broadway style musicals that teach children about the body and the importance of nutrition and exercise.

In those 6 years, Jonathan has toured 41 states, has performed in more than 1500 shows, and has entertained and educated more than a million children, teachers, and parents nationwide. This is a mission that Jesus has guided daily.

But Why CrossFit? On August 2, 2013 Jonathan underwent a serious shoulder surgery that left the surgeon less than optimistic about his future in fitness. Jonathan had a labrum that was completely gone and needed replaced, a fracture humeral head that needed repair, and 9 cysts that needed removed. After 3 months of PT and then 6 months of trying to workout in gyms, Jonathan felt utterly hopeless. With no ability to place his arms straight above his head, he started to believe the surgeons unfortunate prognosis. The first time Jonathan walked into a CrossFit Gym, he not only couldn’t hold a 45lb. bar over his head, a 95lb. front squat was impossible. His mobility was non existent. Because of the effectiveness of each workout and the CrossFit prescription, in five short months, Jonathan went from a 95lb. front squat to a 305lb. front squat. He went from not being to hold a bar over his head to holding 225lbs over his head. Now almost a year later, his strength continues to increase, but more than anything he has seen hope right before his eyes. This is why CrossFit.

Along Jonathan’s travels he had the blessing of visiting more than 30 CrossFit boxes and experiencing all aspects of coaching, the do’s and the don’t, the rights and the wrongs, and a community atmosphere that has further developed his love for CrossFit. Jonathan is on the advisory board of Box Pro Magazine, an affiliate business resource, and a blogger for them as well.

  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Kids Trainer
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer
  • USAW Sports Performance Coach and Club Coach